Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

The following safety tips will not only help you to be a good driver, but it may also help you to lower your rates with MA high risk car insurance, especially for teenage auto insurance.

What is an SR-22?
Driving under the influence in another state.

What are the factors that identify a high risk driver?

  • Poor driving record.
  • Cancelled license.
  • Personal profile, (male teenage drivers).
  • You have not owned your car very long and therefore have no insurance record.
  • More than two accidents a year.
  • More than two speeding tickets a year.
  • Two infractions in a year or more.
  • Suspended insurance while driving.
  • Getting cancelled for non-payment of insurance.

How do you remove yourself from the high risk category?

  • Drive safer. All insurance companies only consider the last six years of your driving record to determine your status and premium.
  • No accidents or tickets in three years.
  • Improve your driver profile. Insurance companies rate a driver no points for three years as a good risk.
  • Drive slower.
  • Drive in the right lane.

What alternatives are available to the high risk client?

  • Drive safely for three years.
  • No tickets or accidents.
  • Buckle up your seat belts.

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